Acquire new advertisers for your digital newspaper, radio or TV

We sell and deliver the digital marketing products that your advertisers want.

No need to hire vendors

Digital Marketing products
with the STORYBRAND formula

No need to invest money or incur costs

Is your digital newspaper, radio or TV struggling with...?

Falling income that you can't recover with advertising?

Commercial initiatives (sponsorships, events) that do not give enough return?

Traditional advertising sales executives that don´t know how to sell digital?

An increasingly difficult business model to sustain?

Media companies shouldn’t go through this situation
and that’s why we want to help you

Grow again with your business


Integrated Products with a proven formula

Our products integrate the advertising/sponsored content that you already sell with the creation of Web Pages, Videos and Social Media Campaigns through the StoryBrand® formula (already applied successfully in thousands of companies around the world).


You schedule the meetings, we present on your behalf

You schedule free strategy sessions online with potential advertisers  and we present and sell the integrated products on your behalf.

No need to invest or incur costs

You do not need to invest in our services or in hiring sales executives, video producers, designers, content writers, etc.

We know how you feel

When we add the current Coronavirus crisis to the drop in advertising sales that already existed, the result can be devastating. But there is a way to move forward.

The way is to sell the Content Marketing that your advertisers want through a proven formula and without having to incur in any costs.

These are some of the media organizations from around the world that are growing with our services:

Your growth plan in 3 steps:

Discover the formula

Let’s get together and discuss how can we help you acquire more advertisers 


We Implement

We create a detailed implementation plan to achieve the agreed sales objectives

You grow

Your media company is growing again and you now have a sustainable business model for the future.

Our executive team

Hello, I'm Ariel Giusti

I understand your situation and I want to tell you that there is hope. There is a way to move forward.

But of course you must change and innovate. You must change and “listen” to the market. The consumer no longer wants know the brands (your advertisers) by intrusive communication (advertising) they rather they want to engage with them through permissive communication (content marketing: clear web, captivating videos, interesting social networks, sponsored news in your media, etc). The companies that sell the most are not the ones with the best products or services but those with the best content on the internet.

And that’s your opportunity because your media company already has the credibility and expertise in creating good quality content and with us you can do the same for your advertisers.

Without costs and without having to invest. To acquire more advertisers you only need to schedule your discovery session and let your sucess journey begin!

In all our products we follow the StoryBrand® marketing formula

PDF Guide

“The 5 keys to get more advertisers in your communication medium”

We are where you are. We provide personalized online meeting options so that you experience our services from the convenience of your phone, computer or tablet.

Our office is in your back pocket!

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