The Marketing Lab
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Krealandia helps media companies transition from traditional to digital by providing innovative marketing products

Krealandia helps media companies transition from traditional to digital by providing innovative marketing products

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We empower you to provide

TRADIGITAL marketing solutions
to your advertisers under your brand


Full integration of tradigital marketing strategies


Convenient monthly billing


We create and present the campaign under your brand

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I am a media owner/director
and I want to make my advertisers shine
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Integrating digital to your traditional media revenue has never been more important
than it is right now.

Media companies must act and must act fast. However, banner ads and digital advertising are not enough to secure sustainable new revenue. To secure grow media companies need to offer new marketing solutions.

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We partner with News Media Companies to facilitate the acquisition of new advertisers by presenting them “Tradigital” marketing solutions.

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We develop compelling advertising solutions that deliver RESULTS for advertisers and we present them in partnership with News Media Corporations using marketing education to establish credibility and trust.

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Our executive team has 25 years of experience working with graphic designers, video producers, SEO specialists and content writers and have delivered tradigital marketing solutions to more than 10.000 small and medium advertisers through news media corporations such as:

Grupo Prisa (Spain) Grupo Vocento (Spain) Independent News and Media (Ireland), Celtic Media Group (Ireland) Grupo SINOS (Novo Hamburgo, Brasil) Grupo JCPM (Recife, Brasil).

We operate in English, Portuguese and Spanish markets such as: Ireland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Brazil and Spain.

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A Laboratory that simplifies digital marketing chaos!


As a Marketing Lab, all our advertising solutions are based on analysis, methodology, and science. We present TESTED communication strategies because we research, test and fail enough times to identify what REALLY WORKS for news media corporations and its advertisers.

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