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What we do FAQs

What does Krealandia do?

We help News Media Corporations to develop/improve/innovate their advertising products and sell/deliver those products to their advertisers

We execute our services in 3 phases:

1. The development of tradigital marketing products for local advertisers (product development)

2. Educational presentations of those products in partnership with news media outlets (market development)

3. The guidance, training and methodologies to deliver those products effectively (teams development and/or outsourcing)

I own/manage/work in a news media corporation but I have limited resources to offer new products, can I still benefit from your services?

Yes, you can because anything you cannot provide with your existing resources (Video Marketing, SEO, Branded Content, Digital Graphic Design, etc) we will help you to outsource it with external service providers who will act on your behalf providing white label services.

Benefits and type of News Media Corporations we work with:

Who are the News Media Companies?

The news media industry is composed of mass media corporations that deliver news to the general public or a target public. These include print media (newspapers, magazines), broadcast news (radio and television) and the internet (online news portals)

What kind of News Media Companies you partner with?

We operate in the English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets and we serve news media companies with high reputation, credibility and brand recognition.

What are the main benefits News Media Companies receive with Krealandia?

Expand/improve and innovate the products you sell.
Sell those products in partnership with us under your brand .
Learn how to successfully deliver those new products yourself or outsource with our trusted collaborators.
Optimize advertisers customer service with our proprietary advertising management software which allows to create, execute, manage, plan and track sales results from each campaign.

Benefits for Advertisers FAQs

How can Krealandia help my business grow?
Wherever you are with your current digital strategy by working with us you will hear more often

“I found you online!” and even more important “I learned so much about you online!”

Why is it so critical to produce and distribute relevant information about your business on the Internet?

Because consumers want information before buying and if they don´t find it from you… they will find it from your competitors!

Our tradigital products will deliver brand exposure and branded content integrated in a variety of formats and channels: video marketing, advertorials, podcasts, event sponsorships, print ads and radio/TV spots for maximum exposure in Google, YouTube, Social Media and your local traditional media outlets.

How are the campaigns executed?

The execution of all campaigns is:

Easy: we take care of the production and distribution of the campaign.

Efficient: relevant and abundant content will dominate your GOOGLE direct searches and vastly improve your indirect searches. People will learn interesting things about you, so they can buy your products or services with confidence!

Affordable: we pre negotiate the best rates with all service providers (designers, SEO specialists, video producers and content writers) offering you different plans with one thing in common: an affordable and convenient monthly fee. 

OK, I will go ahead with a tradigital marketing solution, what can I expect?

To fill the internet with relevant content made by you and professional writers.

To dominate GOOGLE results in direct searches and vastly improve your presence in indirect searches.

To gain a more trusted and credible brand by having a consistent presence in your local media.

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